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Reagents and equipment for antibody production and purification.
    87 Antibody Production and Purification Products
  • IA000021-CA-PRI: CaptivA PriMAB Protein A affinity resins

    * Cost competitive, high perfomance Protein A affinity resins.

    * 4% agarose bead with recombinant staphylococcal Protein A ligand (rSPA) ligand. rSPA is an exact amino acid for amino acid copy of the native Protein A sourced from S.aureus, but expressed in E.coli which eliminates concerns associated with the BL2 organism. rSPA is manufactured with animal free raw materials.

    * Good all around performance, Protein A leakage, binding capacity and a useful effective working range requiring a residence time of at least 3 minutes (equivalent to a typical running speed of 300 cmhr-1). It is available in bottled or pre-packed column packaging.

  • Opus Pre-Packed CaptivA PriMAB Protein A Columns

    Easy, Convenient, Practical and with Unparallel Performance - Opus delivers the process security and reliability of consistently packed columns. Remove the hassle of traditional chromatography columns like poor packing reproducibility, packing and preparation time as well as cleaning and maintenance. Opus Run Ready columns typically achieve better, more consistent packing performance than hand packed resins, while meeting or exceeding the specified performance testing of vendor resins for flow rate asymmetry and plate count.

    * Range of column diameters and variable bed heights
    * Fully customizable, packed on demand with a variety of resins
    * Qualification packing studies performed as required

  • EK000106-9000-1: Protein A ELISA kit for detection of natural and recombinant Protein A

    * Sensitivity of 0.1 ug/ml (0.8ppm)
    * Accuracy/Recovery: 80-120%
    * Precision: Inter-assay 10%, Intra-assay 15%
    * Specificity for all variants of natural and recombinant Protein A
    * 2 hour assay completion time

    Ease of Use:

    * Faster sample preparation
    * Minimize loss of protein
    * Optional adoption, no re-validation required
    * Ready-to-go "out of the box", no plate coating required
    * Plug and play for process development, process monitoring, and quality control
    * No individual reagent qualification
    * No methods development required

  • EK000106-9333-1: Protein A ELISA kit for detection of MabSelect SuReTM ligand

    * Sensitivity of 0.1 ug/ml
    * Accuracy/Recovery: 80-120%
    * Precision: Inter-assay 10%, Intra-assay 15%
    * Specificity for MabSelect SuReTM ligand
    * 2 hour assay completion time

  • IA000019-10-2001: rSPA, native recombinant S. aureus Protein A (animal free)

    rSPA - our native recombinant Staphylococcal Protein A represents the most advanced non mutant Protein A ligand. rSPA contains the same amino acid sequence and molecular mass as the native Protein A sourced from S. aureus, but without the security of supply concerns associated with Enterotoxin B. rSPA is manufactured in E.coli and with animal-free materials. The recombinant protein is the most modern ligand and will in many cases demonstrate improved target protein binding. It should be considered the ligand of first choice for all new processes not only for its potential performance improvements but also for supply chain security and overall value proposition.

  • IA000021-10-1003: IPA300 Protein A affinity resins

    IPA300 is our legacy affinity media and is successfully used in commercial manufacturing processes for therapeutic antibodies. This resin is also ideal for bench scale experiments and the immunoprecipitation (IP) of research antibodies. IPA300 incorporates a cross linked agarose base bead and our own recombinant Protein A ligand, rPA50.

  • IA000021-10-2500: IPA400HC Protein A affinity resins

    IPA400HC offers higher performance with double the binding capacity and linear flow rate of IPA300. This resin is ideal for bench to commercial scale production of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. IPA400HC incorporates our animal-free recombinant Protein A ligand, srPA50 with a highly cross linked agarose bead.

  • IA000032-1008: Biotin-Capture Beads

    The Biotin-Capture Beads contain modified Avidin that is immobilized on rigid, highly cross-linked beaded agarose possessing high chemical Stability. The modified Avidin provides a substantial improvement over native Avidin. The high affinity to biotin is maintained, while background problems are minimized due to chemical modification on the protein. The Biotin-Capture Beads has proven to be particularly useful in the isolation of antigens and nucleic acids by employing biotinylated antibodies, or nucleic acid probes respectively. Biotin-Capture Beads can be used in numerous additional affinity chromatography applications.
  • IA000033-1009

    The Mono-Avidin Beads enables mild affinity purification of biotinylated proteins, peptides and other ligands. The mono-avidin molecules immobilized on the beads have a much lower biotin-binding affinity than native avidin thus enabling dissociation of biotinylated molecules using free biotin molecules or low pH buffer. In addition, the Mono-Avidin Beads can be regenerated at least 10 times with no significant loss in binding capacity.
  • IA000034-1011: Imino-Biotin Beads

    The Imino-Biotin Beads enables mild affinity purification of various proteins belonging to the Avidins family. The Imino-Biotin molecules immobilized on the beads are capable of binding Avidins at neutral and basic pH and eluting in under acidic conditions. The Imino-Biotin Beads can be regenerated at least 10 times with no significant loss in binding capacity.
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