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Taq DNA Polymerases

DNA Taq Polymerase, Taq Polymerase Enzyme, Taq Enzyme, Taq Pol, Taq, PCR Enzyme

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
MB042-EUT-M Taq DNA Polymerase 5000 units 275.00
MB042-EUT-L Taq DNA Polymerase 10000 units 440.00
MB042-EUT-XL Taq DNA Polymerase 50000 units 1400.00

MB042-EUT: Taq DNA Polymerase

The recombinant Taq polymerase (old catalog number: MB000042-EUT-10000) is a thermostable DNA polymerase purified from an E. coli strain that carries the Taq DNA polymerase gene. The Taq enzyme has 5'-3' polymerase activity, double-strand specific 5'-3' exonuclease activity, and 3' adenylation activity.

Unit definition: One unit of the Taq DNA polymerase means incorporating 10 nmol of total deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates into acid precipitable DNA in 30 minutes at 74°C.

Concentration: 5 units/ul.

Quality Control: No visible activity change after storage of the Taq DNA polymerase at room temperature for 3 months to amplify a single-copy gene from human genome with high efficiency.

The PCR reagent concentrations, reaction conditions, and PCR program parameters should be determined experimentally by the investigator.

Features of the Taq DNA polymerase:
* High efficiency. The extension time of the Taq DNA polymerase is shorter than 30 seconds per kb DNA. Easily amplify DNA fragments up to 5 kb.
* High purity. >98% homogeneous of the Taq DNA polymerase by SDS gel electrophoresis. No contamination detected in standard PCR test reactions.
* Reproducible results. No visible activity change after storage of the Taq DNA polymerase at room temperature for 3 months to amplify a single-copy gene from human genome with high efficiency.
* Terminal transferase activity of adding a single nucleotide (adenosine) at 3' end of the extension product, facilitating TA cloning of PCR products.
* Low cost: 2.8+ cents per unit. The cheapest Taq enzyme in the market.

Applications of the Taq DNA polymerase:
* Routine PCR using genomic, viral and plasmid templates.
* DNA cloning and subcloning.
* Primer extension.
* DNA and colony screening.
* Genotyping.
* DNA mutagenesis.
* Generating hybridization probes for Southern or Northern hybridization.

The cheap PCR enzyme is also available in the cheap 2X PCR PreMix, with dye (catalog No. MB067-EQ2).

Please contact us if you need protocol, datasheet, or SDS of our Taq DNA polymerase.

Quality of our Taq DNA polymerase has been proven by a number of publications citing our product.

PCR enzymes:
* Taq DNA polymerase.
* High yield Taq DNA polymerase.
* Bst DNA polymerase large fragment.
* Hot-start high-fidelity DNA polymerase.
* Hot start Taq DNA polymerase with chemical or antibody inhibitor, used for SYBR green or Taqman probe-based real time PCR (qPCR or quantitative PCR).

2x PCR master mixes:
* 2x PCR preMix with dye (green, red, blue).
* 2x rapid PCR master mix with a green dye.
* 2x long PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* 2x high yield PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* 2x hot-start high-fidelity PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* Blood direct PCR kit
* Cell and tissue direct PCR kit
* RT supermix for qPCR.
* RT-PCR Kit.
* Dye-based one-step qRT-PCR kits.
* Probe-based one-step qRT-PCR kits.
* Probe-based multiplex one-step qRT-PCR kits.
* SYBR Green qPCR master mixes.
* Probe qPCR master mixes.

PCR components and related products:
* dNTP mix, 10 mM each and dNTP mix, 25 mM each.
* Proteinase K powder and Proteinase K solution.
* Reverse transcriptases and First strand cDNA synthesis kits.
* Murine RNase inhibitor.
* Uracil DNA glycosylases.
* PCR enhancer.

Questions and Answers:

Question: Do you provide free sample of your Taq DNA polymerase?
Answer: Sorry that we do not provide free sample. You can place an order and we will hold the invoice until you tell us that you like our product. You do not need to pay us if you do not like the product. It is an alternative to free sample.  

Question: How to make homemade Taq polymerase?
Answer: It is always heard that scientists can put a Taq polymerase gene into an expression vector and produce large quantity of Taq enzyme in their labs with low cost. It is not so easy as one imagines. You need tools for bacterial protein expression and purification in addition to DNA subcloning. Genomic and plasmid DNA has to be removed during protein purification to produce DNA free Taq polymerase. There is residual DNA in most, if not all, of homemade Taq polymerase. The buffer also has to be optimized for activity and stability of the PCR enzyme. With our best deal for bulk order and reliable formulation of Taq DNA polymerase assay kit, it is really unnecessary for scientists to produce even large quantity of homemade Taq enzyme.

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