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RNAs, DNAs, kits, reagents, and equipment for DNA cloning, subcloning, and protein expression.
    39 Cloning and Expression Products
  • MB036-AM: AMV Reverse Transcriptase

    For DNA polymerization using the RNA molecule as the template, filling in and labeling the 3'-termini of DNA with 5'-protruding ends, and dideoxy DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing.

  • MB037-11025: First strand cDNA Kit with gDNA elimination function

    * cDNA synthesis and genomic DNA elimination in only 20 minutes.
    * No need to design RNA-specific primers.
    * High cDNA yields from all regions of RNA transcripts.

  • MB087-V: pSL-T Vector

    Higher quality, lower price.

  • MB095-V: pSL-T Simple Vector

    Higher quality, lower price

  • MB003-A: Agarose for molecular biology

    Neither DNase nor RNase activity is detected.

  • MB045-PC: Spin Column for PCR Product Cleanup

    * Spin columns are compatible to reagents in PCR product cleanup kits from most of other manufacturers, such as Qiagen and Sigma. The yield is similar.
    * Competitive and attractive price: $75 for 200 universal spin columns.
    * Syd Labs provides the recipe of reagents for PCR product cleanup if you buy spin columns from us. Very simple to make the reagents. The shipping fee is much lower if you buy spin columns only rather than the whole DNA purification kits with heavy and bulky reagents.

  • MB045-PL: PCR Product Cleanup Kit

    Rapid and convenient. No ethanol precipitation. No ethanol precipitation. Highly purified DNA eluted from the spin column can be directly used for various molecular experiments, such as DNA sequencing, PCR, Southern-blot, and enzymatic digestion.

  • MB074-PL: EndoFree Plasmid Maxiprep Kit (Spin-column)

    Up to 1.5 mg yield of plasmid DNA from 150 mL bacterial overnight culture.
    Endotoxin level <0.1 EU/ug
    Rapid and convenient.
    No poisonous phenol nor ethanol precipitation.
    Multi-elution can ensure high-purified DNA, which can be applied to all kinds of molecular experiments such as DNA transfection, sequencing, cloning, PCR, Southern-blot, and enzymatic digestion directly.

  • MB075-PC: Spin Column for Plasmid Maxiprep

    * No poisonous phenol etc.
    * For clients' convenience, Syd Labs sell spin columns alone which are compatible to reagents in plasmid maxiprep kits from most of other manufacturers, such as Qiagen and Sigma. The yield is similar. Thus, clients do not have to waste reagents from plasmid maxiprep kits.
    * Low cost spin columns: $70 for 10 spin columns. A promotion is running: 20% discount of spin columns for plasmid maxiprep as credit to purchase any other products or services on from Jan. 2 to June 30, 2014. Limited to new customers.

  • MB076-PL: EndoFree Plasmid Miniprep Kit (Spin-column)

    * No poisonous phenol etc. Multi-elution can ensure high-quality DNA, which are suitable for all kinds of molecular experiments such as PCR, Southern-blot and enzyme digestion directly.
    * Unique content can effectively remove the nuclease, even apply to rich-nuclease strains of JM and HB101,
    * The specific agent is prepared for removing endotoxin, which ensures the level of endotoxin <0.1 EU/ug.

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