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HRP Conjugation Service

Covalent Attachment of HRP to Proteins or Antibodies

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS052A HRP Conjugation to 100 ug Proteins or Antibodies 1 package 500.00
BS052B HRP Conjugation to 1 mg Proteins or Antibodies 1 package 800.00

Syd Labs provides rapid and reliable protein and antibody HRP conjugation services (HRP labeling services):  labeling proteins or antibodies with HRP (horseradish peroxidase) for applications of ELISA and Western Blot.

BS052: HRP Conjugation Service

Highly efficient process is used to conjugate HRP to clients' proteins and antibodies. The highest possible HRP labeling yield and stability is ensured.

This HRP conjugation service uses our HRP conjugation kits. Sugar groups on native HRP have been oxidized with periodate to produce amine-reactive aldehydes. The activated peroxidase spontaneously and efficiently crosslink with primary amines on antibody or other proteins. The method is more effective than other amine-reactive chemistries, such as glutaraldehyde coupling, which often causes polymerization and conjugate inactivation.

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