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Protein A Pre-packed Columns

Protein A Pre-packed Run Ready Columns

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
IA000100-BS-012-CPRI-010 Opus Pre-Packed CaptivA PriMAB Protein A Column 11 ml/column 525.00
IA000100-BS-012-CPRI-020 Opus Pre-Packed CaptivA PriMAB Protein A Column 23 ml/column 575.00
IA000100-BS-080-CPRI-010 Opus Pre-Packed CaptivA PriMAB Protein A Column 503 ml/column 5500.00
IA000100-BS-080-CPRI-020 Opus Pre-Packed CaptivA PriMAB Protein A Column 1005 ml/column 7500.00

Opus Pre-Packed columns combine reproducible compression packing with a patented swaged column design that enable columns to be consistently packed with a wide variety of resins in a range of flexible column diameters and bed heights. Whether for single or limited campaign use or just for the convenience and practicality, Opus pre-packed columns are the answer.

Single use biomanufacturing technologies, from tank liners to buffer bags to disposable bioreactors, are now well accepted and offer benefits such as significant reductions in cleaning costs, validation activities, water usage, facility size and environmental footprint. Until now chromatography has been the "missing link" in disposable biomanufacturing technology. New chromatography strategies like BioSMB and the drive to higher titer processes mean more biotherapeutics and antibodies are being made in smaller scale processes in flexible multi-product facilities. Demand is increasing for single use or limited campaign disposable pre-packed columns technologies in all applications ranging from antibodies to vaccines, and clinical to commercial manufacturing.

Pre-packed with CaptivA PriMAB Protein A resin, Opus Columns provide solid all-round performance, low Protein A leakage, good binding capacity and useful effective working range - all at an excellent value.

Opus Pre-Packed CaptivA PriMAB Protein A Columns

Easy, Convenient, Practical and with Unparallel Performance - Opus delivers the process security and reliability of consistently packed columns. Remove the hassle of traditional chromatography columns like poor packing reproducibility, packing and preparation time as well as cleaning and maintenance. Opus Run Ready columns typically achieve better, more consistent packing performance than hand packed resins, while meeting or exceeding the specified performance testing of vendor resins for flow rate asymmetry and plate count.

* Range of column diameters and variable bed heights
* Fully customizable, packed on demand with a variety of resins
* Qualification packing studies performed as required

Column diameter: Opus 12 mm;
Bed height: 10 cm.

Column diameter: Opus 12 mm;
Bed height: 20 cm.

Column diameter: Opus 80 mm;
Bed height: 10 cm.

Column diameter: Opus 80 mm;
Bed height: 20 cm.

"OPEN USER Platform" - Your Resin, Your Bed Height, Your Diameter,  fully customizable and Run Ready.........

Any Resin: We will pack any resin you request. The process starts with a performed packing study designed to demonstrate that the automated packing process reproducibly meets or exceeds the performance described by each resin manufacturer. This forms the basis of a set of well understood, reproducible column performance specifications.

CaptivA PriMAB protein A affinity resins, which combines a 4% agarose bead with the rSPA ligand, is the major component in Opus pre-packed CaptivA PriMAB protein A columns. rSPA can be detected by our Protein A ELISA kit for detection of natural and recombinant Protein A.

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