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Competent cells for cloning and expression using the chemical or electroporation transformation methods.
    1 Competent Cells Products
  • MB102: High Efficiency DH5a Chemically Competent Cells

    1. High transformation efficiency: 1 x 10E9 cfu/ug pUC19 DNA;
    2. DH5a derivative strain;
    3. No recombination of plasmid DNA due to recA mutation and is therefore an ideal cloning strain;
    4. Efficient transformation of unmethylated DNA derived from PCR, cDNA and many other sources;
    5. endA mutation leads to highest quality plasmid preparations;
    6. Suitable for blue/white screening by alpha-complementation of the beta-galactosidase gene;
    7. Resistance to phage T1 (fhuA2);
    8. Free of animal products.

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