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Spin Column for Plasmid Maxiprep

Spin Column for Plasmid Maxi

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
MB075-PC10 Spin Column for Plasmid Maxiprep 8 Columns Request

MB075-PC: Spin Column for Plasmid Maxiprep

The cheap spin column for plasmid maxiprep is the major component of the endofree plasmid maxiprep Kit (MB074-PL). Why buy our spin columns for plasmid maxiprep?

* For clients' convenience, Syd Labs sell spin columns alone which are compatible to reagents in plasmid maxiprep kits from most of other manufacturers, such as Qiagen and Sigma. The yield is similar. Thus, clients do not have to waste reagents from plasmid maxiprep kits.

* Low cost spin columns: $70 for 10 spin columns. A promotion is running: 20% discount of spin columns for plasmid maxiprep as credit to purchase any other products or services on from Jan. 2 to June 30, 2014. Limited to new customers.

Other Spin Columns:
Spin column for plasmid miniprep
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PCR enzymes:
* Taq DNA polymerase.
* High yield Taq DNA polymerase.
* Hot-start high-fidelity DNA polymerase.
* Hot start Taq DNA polymerase with chemical or antibody inhibitor, used for SYBR green or Taqman probe-based real time PCR (qPCR or quantitative PCR).

2x PCR master mixes:
* 2x PCR PreMix with dye (green, red, blue).
* 2x rapid PCR Master Mix with a green dye.
* 2x long PCR Master Mix with a blue dye.
* 2x high yield PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* 2x hot-start high-fidelity PCR master mix with a blue dye.
* Blood direct PCR kit
* Cell and tissue direct PCR kit
* RT-PCR master mixes
* 2x qPCR master mixes
* RT-qPCR master mixes

PCR components and related products:
* dNTP mix, 10 mM each.
* dNTP mix, 25 mM each.
* Proteinase K powder .
* Proteinase K solution.
* Reverse Transcriptases.
* First strand cDNA synthesis kits.
* Murine RNase inhibitor.
* PCR enhancer.

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