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Protein A ELISA Kit

ELISA kit for detection of MabSelect SuRe ligand

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
EK000106-9333-1 Protein A ELISA kit for detection of MabSelect SuRe? ligand 1 kit 760.00

Protein A ELISA Kits for detection of leached Protein A are chosen by biopharmaceutical companies for their easy-to-use procedure, quick run time, sensitivity and accurate results. Our protein A ELISA kits are used in process development, process monitoring, and in final product testing to quantify natural, recombinant Protein A, and the MabSelect SuReTM ligand contamination in samples eluted off of a Protein A chromatography column.

EK000106-9333-1: Protein A ELISA kit for detection of MabSelect SuReTM ligand

* Sensitivity of 0.1 ug/ml
* Accuracy/Recovery: 80-120%
* Precision: Inter-assay 10%, Intra-assay 15%
* Specificity for MabSelect SuReTM ligand
* 2 hour assay completion time

For downstream processes that utilize GE Healthcare base stable affinity media MabSelect SuReTM, it includes the SuReTM ligand standard for the most accurate spiking and recovery results.

For natural and recombinant protein A, please see Protein A ELISA kit for detection of natural and recombinant Protein A.

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