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Antibodies conjugated with enzymes, fluorophores, agarose or magnetic beads.
    2 Conjugated Antibodies Products
  • PA000517-M20018: Agarose conjugated DYKDDDDK-Tag Monoclonal Antibody

    Mouse Monoclonal Antibody;
    Applications: Immunoprecipitation;
    Reactivity: Human and Others;
    Isotype: Mouse IgG1.

  • PA004830: DYKDDDDK-Tag Monoclonal Antibody (Magnetic Microbead Conjugated)

    Highly purified anti-DYKDDDDK monoclonal antibody conjugated to magnetic microbeads (bead diameter is approximately 2.8 micrometer);
    10 mg microbeads per 1 ml of final product;
    Binding capacity: >200 pmol per ml;
    Application: immunoprecipitation and small scale purification of DYKDDDDK (FLAG)-tagged proteins.

    1. Superior signal-to-noise properties;
    2. Highly reproducible results;
    3. No columns, centrifugations, or time-consuming pre-treatment of your samples;
    4. Gentle, minimal physical stress on precious proteins;
    5. Easy handling and simple, short protocol.

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