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D-Luciferin Potassium Salt

Definition of the luciferin luciferase ATP assay in vitro and in vivo:

What is D-luciferin? D-Luciferin is the small molecule substrate for the enzyme Luciferase producing bioluminescence or light. There are many types of luciferin and analogs in nature or created by chemical synthesis. The substrate and enzyme are present in a variety of light emitting organisms including fireflies and beetles. The firefly luciferin is identical to the beetle luciferin.
How does the luciferin luciferase system work? The luciferin luciferase reaction mechanism is well known. Light can be generated by oxidation of D-luciferin but the reaction rate is extremely slow in absence of the enzyme and the cofactor ATP. The enzyme catalyzes the chemical reaction of its substrate to produce light. The other chiral form, L-luciferin, competitively inhibits the chemical reaction.
What is D-luciferin used for? Luminometers and optical microscopes have been developed to detect light emitted from the two-step luciferase-catalyzed chemical reaction. The protein Luciferase can be transiently or stably expressed in cells and animals, mostly mice. With the luciferin luciferase ATP reagent, equipment, and genetic engineering, firefly luciferase and luciferin have been widely used in in vitro and in vivo reporter assays detecting gene expression and detecting the level of cellular ATP in cell viability assays or for kinase activity assays. The luciferin luciferase ATP assay kits are commercially available. The applications of firefly luciferase and D-luciferin including in vivo imaging are still expanding.
How to make D-luciferin potassium salt? Although D-luciferin is a natural compound produced in fireflies and beetles, the cost of chemical synthesis is much cheaper than extraction of the biosynthesized chemical from insects. There are D-luciferin free acid, D-luciferin potassium salt, and D-luciferin sodium salt in the market. Our synthetic D-luciferin potassium salt (catalog No. MB000102-R70170 or MB102) is purified to remove dehydroluciferin and L-luciferin, competitive inhibitors of firefly luciferase. Water solubility of the chemical is great to make stock solution with high concentration.
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