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Retrovirus Production Services

Retrovirus Packaging Services, Custom Retrovirus Services

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS085A Molecular Construction of Retroviral Vector and Mini-scale Production of Retrovirus 1 package Request
BS085B Mini-scale Retrovirus Production 5 ml, 1 x 10^5-6 TU/ml or 1 x 10^8-9 LP/ml 1500.00
BS085C Midi-scale Retrovirus Production 100 ul, 1 x 10^8-9 TU/ml or 1 x 10^11-12 LP/ml 2000.00
BS085D Maxi-scale Retrovirus Production 1 ml, 1 x 10^8-9 TU/ml or 1 x 10^11-12 LP/ml 3200.00

Our custom retrovirus production services include: 1) construction of a retrovirus plasmid vector; 2) retrovirus packaging; 3) retrovirus purification; 4) retrovirus titration. Our retrovirus production team has constructed, packaged, and purified hundreds of retroviruses from small crude scale to large purified scale for worldwide clients in more than a decade. We have always optimized our retrovirus production systems, including retrovirus plasmid construction and low endotoxin plasmid preparation, host cells for retrovirus packaging, cell culture medium and retrovirus packaging process, small and large scale retrovirus purification process.

Retroviruses are popular gene therapy vectors because they stably integrate the DNA copy of their genome into the host chromosome during their replication cycle. Advances in design of retroviral vectors have resulted in greater degree of biosafety, expanded host range, and increased stability of the virus particles. Retroviral vectors have been widely used in the ex vivo gene therapy protocols to correct the liver diseases in a wide variety of species. Syd Labs provides services for the construction and production of vectors based on murine retrovirus.

Molecular construction of a retrovirus plasmid vector and mini-scale retrovirus production.
Gene-of-interest (GOI) sequences are subcloned into our proprietary lentivirus production plasmids or plasmid vectors that clients provide, and transduced into mammalian cells.

Fast turnaround:
2-3 weeks.

A. Retrovirus stock (5 ml, 1 x 10^5-6 TU/ml or 1 x 10^8-9 LP/ml);
B. Study report.

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