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Buffers for various PCR, including RT-PCR and Real-Time PCR.
    2 PCR Buffers Products
  • MB040: GC rich PCR Enhancer

    The GC rich PCR enhancer can improve the efficiency of PCR amplification of GC rich DNA templates, increase the specificity of PCR products, and reduce non-specific and undesirable PCR products.

  • MB123: Heat-Labile UDG

    * Irreversibly inactivated above 50°C.
    * Rapid and complete inactivation of the enzyme.
    * The cheapest heat-labile UDG in the market.


    MB124: E.coli UDG

    * Irreversibly inactivated above 50°C.
    * The cheapest E.coli UDG in the market.


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