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Antibody Cloning and Sequencing Service for $1200 only

Syd Labs clones and sequences both heavy chain variable region (VH) and light chain variable region (VL) of monoclonal antibodies from $1200 per hybridoma, a market leading price.

More features of our services of antibody cloning and sequencing:

1). Fast turnaround time: standard 2-3 weeks, with an industry record, 4 days;

2). 100000 cells per hybridoma are sufficient for cloning and sequencing antibody variable regions (VH and VL). Welcome to challenge us with lower number of cells or non-viable cells for hybridoma rescue.

Syd Labs has always tried hard to bring quality products and services to our customers with lower prices. The large number of ongoing projects of antibody cloning, sequencing, engineering, and production brings down cost and price of individual project. Unique technology and experience of our scientists contributes to further reduction of cost, price, and turnaround time.

In contrast, many competitors provide partial antibody sequencing services only. It means that they extract and purify total RNAs from hybridoma cells, synthesize cDNAs using optimized primer sets, amplify the VL and VH-specific moieties using PCR, and then sequence the amplified fragments. But which sequences obtained are correct? To get higher security for correct antibody sequencing, additional experiments should be performed: recombinant single-chain antibodies (scFv) or whole IgGs are expressed in mammalian expression systems, such as CHO and HEK 293 cells, and tested whether they retain the antigen binding ability of their corresponding parental antibodies.

Syd Labs provides various packages for complete antibody sequencing services (the prices are good for mouse IgG antibodies only):

1. Cloning and sequencing hybridoma antibody heavy and light chain variable regions: $1200.

2. Cloning and sequencing hybridoma antibody heavy and light chain variable regions + 100 ug production of reconstructed scFv-Fc + antigen-antibody binding confirmation using scFv-Fc. Total cost: $6700.

3. Cloning and sequencing of hybridoma antibody + 100 ug production of reconstructed whole IgG + antigen-antibody binding confirmation using whole IgGs. Total cost: $6700.

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Syd Labs, Inc provides comprehensive and competitive services for antibody services, from peptide synthesis, gene synthesis, protein expression, rabbit and mouse polyclonal antibody development, mouse, rat, and rabbit monoclonal antibody development, cloning and sequencing variable regions of hybridoma cell lines, antibody humanization and engineering, stable cell line generation, ELISA assay development, and so on. The lowest prices are guaranteed. If you find any US company providing the same quality services with lower prices, we will return the difference to you.