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Antibody Production and Purification
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Reagents and equipment for antibody production and purification.
    87 Antibody Production and Purification Products
  • IA000061-S-1009-010

    MHPH is used to convert thiol moieties on biomolecules and surfaces to HyNic (6-hydrazinonicotinamide) moieties in a single step. Its advantages include reaction specificity, UV-traceability, and the unique control it brings to the entire conjugation process
  • IA000062-S-1011

    Sulfo-S-HyNic is a water soluble analog of S-HyNic. Sulfo-S-HyNic is recommended for use to incorporate HyNic linkers on amino-surfaces or biomolecules
  • IA000063-SP-C002

    PepLink Cell Penetrating Peptides offer an alternative to common transfection agents. The pre-activated PepLink cationic-peptides (CPPs), HyNic-TAT, can be used for easy conjugation to biological payloads and subsequent intracellular delivery and release.Pre-activated cell penetrating peptide
  • IA000064-B-1007

    * Sufficient reagent to label up to 100 milligrams of protein
    * Fast and easy method to biotinylate and determine the amount of labeling
    * Label and determine the extent of biotin labeling with one reagent
    * Simple calculations based on UV absorbance estimates total biotin incorporation (moles of biotin per mole of protein/peptide)
  • IA000065-S-1003-010

    SHTH (S_1003_010) is a bifunctional aromatic hydrazide linker used to incorporate HTA (4_hydrazido_terephalamide) moieties onto biomolecules through their amino group via an activated ester (i.e. NHS).
  • IA000066-S-1034-010

    Peg4/PFB, is an extended hydrophilic linker analog of S-4FB. This linker reacts with primary amines on biomolecules and converts them to 4-formylbenzamide (4FB) moieties with an extended PEG4 linker
  • IA000067-S-1037-025

    S-SS-4FB is an analog of S-4FB with a disulfide bond in the linker that is cleaved by thiols
  • IA000068-B-1005

    For incorporation of biotin on amine-containing biomolecules.
  • IA000069-B-1002

    Low price, high quality
  • IA000070-S-4009

    4FB-Allophycocyanin is a 4FB-modified phycobiliprotein. This aldehyde-modified fluorescent protein is ready for linking to any hydrazine-modified protein or biomolecule.
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