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Affinity media for protein purification.
    5 Beads for Protein Purification Products
  • MB000098-6028

    Blue Beads are primarily used for quick removal of albumins from protein-containing samples. The Cibacron Blue F3GA dye used in this product acts as a versatile binding agent binding to both charged and non-charged site in various molecules. Product was optimized for the removal of Bovine albumins while minimizing loss of other proteins present in sample.
  • MB000099-6025

    Gelatin affinity media is commonly used for the purification of various proteins, mainly serum proteins, by affinity chromatography. Gelatin Beads are made with highly purified Bovine Gelatin and capable of purifying human fibronectin.
  • MB000101-6024: Heparin Beads

    Heparin Beads are made by coupling 20-35 KD size Heparin extracted from Porcine intestinal mucosa (Type I) to Sepharose beads. These beads are useful for isolating heparin-binding protein such as Antithrombin III, lipoproteins, various enzymes and DNA binding proteins.
  • MB000102-1018

    High quality Nickel affinity-resin product, that exhibit high capacity and good selectivity towards His-tagged proteins.
    Purification in a variety of formats, such as gravity-flow columns and small or large-scale batches.
  • MB000100-1005

    Glutathione Beads is state of the art affinity-resin product that consists of glutathione attached through sulfur to an epoxy-activated 4% cross-linked beaded agarose. The use of the Glutathione Beads enables the purification of various GST-fused proteins, while maintaining mild, non-denaturing conditions throughout the purification process.

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