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Proteinase K

Protease K, Endopeptidase K, Tritirachium Alkaline Proteinase, Tritirachium Album Serine Proteinase, Tritirachium Album Proteinase K

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Proteinase K is commonly used for protein digestion, DNA extraction, RNA purification, direct PCR, and genotyping. Since it very effectively inactivates DNases and RNases, Proteinase K is added during nucleic acid preparations to isolate highly native, undamaged DNAs or RNAs; it is used in direct PCR kits for genotyping by destruction of proteins in cell lysates (tissue or cell culture cells) and for release of genomic DNA.

Proteinase K exhibits higher proteolytic activity in the presence of reducing agents such as 5 mM DTT. Proteinase K is inhibited by serine protease inhibitors such as PMSF, DFP, and AEBSF.

MB111: Proteinase K

CAS No.: 39450-01-6
Molecular Weight: 29.3 kDa



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