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Mammalian Cell Expression Construction Service

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS043A DNA Construction for Standard Mammalian Cell Expression 1 package 500.00
BS043B Expression-ready Mammalian Genes - from Text to 1 mg Endotoxin-free DNA 1 package Request
BS079B Molecular Construction of scFv-Fc + 0.03 Liter Transient Production (Variable Regions Synthesized) 1 package Request
BS046B Molecular Construction of Recombinant IgG + 0.03 Liter Transient Production (Variable Regions Synthesized) 1 package Request
BS050A DNA Construction for Expression of Fc Fusion Protein (N-term or C-term; multiple Fc backbone options) + 1 mg Endotoxin-free DNA production 1 package 700.00

Good expression constructs have the right elements in the right positions. There are a series of experimental steps from thinking about a gene to obtaining the finished product for immediate downstream applications such as transfection or in vivo gene delivery. Clients can make it into a single step by contacting Syd Labs. Specifically, email your genes of interest to Syd Labs, and we will take care of everything. Having made thousands of mammalian expression constructs and tested them in cell culture and in vivo, we are highly experienced in designing expression constructs for superb expression.


a. 4-10 ug DNA vectors containing the desired DNA fragments; or
b. E. coli strains containing the DNA vectors with the desired DNA fragments;
c. Study report including construct map and DNA sequence.

Expression-ready mammalian genes - from text to 1 mg endotoxin-free DNA:

The premium service includes template sourcing or gene synthesis, construct design, molecular cloning, sequence verification, endotoxin-free DNA production, and confirmation. Finished products are delivered with Certificate of Analysis. The list price of $1200 is applicable to cloning of genes with DNA templates up to 3 kb and gene synthesis up to 1 kb. If you need to clone larger genes, please contact us.

Fast return: 2-3 weeks.

Special DNA subcloning services:

DNA construction for expression of Fc fusion proteins;
DNA construction for expression of scFv-Fc;
DNA construction for expression of recombinant IgGs.

Syd Labs can make expression constructs with desired changes such as point mutagenesis, truncation and Fc fusions. Syd Labs also offers volume discounts for clients placing order of multiple genes, and efficiency discounts for orders containing variants of the same genes.

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