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Lentivirus Production Services

Lentivirus Packaging Services, Custom Lentivirus Services

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS084A Molecular Construction of Lentiviral Vector and Mini-scale Production of Lentivirus 1 package 1800.00
BS084B Mini-scale Lentivirus Production 5 ml, 1 x 10^5-6 TU/ml or 1 x 10^8-9 LP/ml 1200.00
BS084C Midi-scale Lentivirus Production 100 ul, 1 x 10^8-9 TU/ml or 1 x 10^11-12 LP/ml 1500.00
BS084D Maxi-scale Lentivirus Production 1 ml, 1 x 10^8-9 TU/ml or 1 x 10^11-12 LP/ml 2800.00

Our complete custom lentivirus production services include: 1) lentivirus plasmid vector construction; 2) lentivirus packaging; 3) lentivirus purification; 4) lentivirus titering. Our lentivirus production team has constructed, packaged, and purified thousands of lentiviruses from small crude scale to large purified scale for worldwide clients in more than a decade. We have always optimized our lentivirus production systems, including lentivirus plasmid construction and low endotoxin plasmid preparation, host cells for lentivirus packaging, cell culture medium and lentivirus packaging process, small and large scale lentivirus purification process.

Recombinant lentiviral vectors (rLV) are widely used in gene transfer and genome editing for expression or silencing of a gene (lentiviral based stable cell line generation, knock-out and knock-in cell line generation with CRISPR genome editing, and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T (CAR T)-cell engineering with AAV or alone) due to the following advantages:

- lentiviral vectors can accommodate long sequences;
- lentiviruses seem to be non-immunogenic due to lack of viral coding sequence transfer;
- lentiviruses are able to transduce non-dividing cells;
- proteins can be stably expressed due to integration into the cell chromosome.

BS084A. Molecular construction of a lentivirus vector and mini-scale lentivirus production.
Gene-of-interest (GOI) sequences are subcloned into our proprietary lentivirus production plasmids or plasmid vectors that clients provide, and transduced into mammalian cells.

Fast turnaround:
2-3 weeks.

Lentivirus stock (5 ml, 1 x 10^5-6 TU/ml or 1 x 10^8-9 LP/ml).

Lentiviral titers are determined by p24 ELISA (LP/ml), and/or fluorescent positive cells (TU/ml).

References of lentivirus production protocols, lentivirus purification protocols, and lentivirus titration protocols:

Lentivirus production protocol
A polyethyenimine (PEI) transfection protocol used to produce lentivirus from a lentiviral vector transfected into Lenti-X 293T cells.

Lentivirus production and transfection protocol
A prototol for shRNA lentivirus production using HEK293T cells and FuGENE.

Protocol for generation of lentivirus
A standard lentivirus generation protocol.

The procedure of lentivirus production sounds very straightforward. However, many factors affects the efficiency and success rate. Experienced scientists at Syd Labs provide comprehensive lentivirus production services if the project is difficult for you.

We index "References of lentivirus production protocols, lentivirus purification protocols, and lentivirus titration protocols" for your information only. It does not necessarily mean that we agree with all of them. You rather than Syd Labs takes full responsibility for using any information described here.)

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