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Protein A Beads

Protein A Agarose Resins

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
IA000021-CA-HF-0005 CaptivA HF Protein A Resin 5 ml 245.00
IA000021-CA-HF-0025 CaptivA HF Protein A Resin 25 ml 698.00
IA000021-CA-HF-0100 CaptivA HF Protein A Resin 100 ml 1140.00
IA000021-CA-HF-1000 CaptivA HF Protein A Resin 1 l 7100.00

Protein A affinity chromatography is recognized as the gold standard for the purification of monoclonal antibodies in the post fermentation capture step. This initial purification step is critical to the successful purification of most commercial antibodies. Despite being an easy and effective solution for monoclonal purification, protein A chromatography is considered to be expensive. Advances in caustic stability, increased lifetime, binding capacity and flow rates have lead to more and more expensive resins. However, not all applications require such performance characteristics. For end users that desire the functionality of protein A capture chromatography but are searching for a more economical alternative, Syd Labs offers resins that can be used in:

* Reduced cycle processes from process development to clinical batch manufacturing
* Limited cycle commercial manufacturing
* Disposable single-use applications
* New technology platforms like Bio Simulated Moving Bed (BioSMB) or Sequential Multi Column Chromatography (SMCC).

Our recombinant Protein A resins are designed to significantly reduce the cost of the Protein A capture step while continuing to offer effective performance and meet the industry’s quality and supply expectations of:

* Reliable performance, capacity, flow rates and low leaching
* Low cost of ownership compared to other Protein A resins
* Manufacturing process that meets ISO9001:2008 quality system standards
* Supply chain security and business continuity planning
* Products supported by Regulatory Support Files (RSF)

IA000021-CA-PRI: CaptivA PriMAB Protein A affinity resins

Our CaptivA product range offers end users new, cost competitive, high perfomance Protein A affinity resins. By combining new Protein A ligands with tried, tested and accepted base beads and immobilized chemistries, Syd Labs is able to rapidly respond well to recognized bioprocessing trends. Whether our customers need reduced production purification costs, pre-packing single use or disposable Protein A columns and facilitating adoption of new technology platforms such as BioSMB, we have the answer.

CaptivA PriMAB combines a 4% agarose bead with our new recombinant staphylococcal Protein A ligand (rSPA) ligand. rSPA is an exact amino acid for amino acid copy of the native Protein A sourced from S.aureus, but expressed in E.coli which eliminates concerns associated with the BL2 organism. The bi-product toxin Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B (SEB) is considered a biological threat agent by the U.S. government1. rSPA is manufactured with animal free raw materials.

CaptivA PriMAB provides good all around performance, Protein A leakage, binding capacity and a useful effective working range requiring a residence time of at least 3 minutes (equivalent to a typical running speed of 300 cmhr-1). It is available in bottled or pre-packed column packaging.

For comparison, please see:

IPA400HC Protein A affinity resins
IPA300 Protein A affinity resins

CaptivA PriMAB protein A affinity resins, which combines a 4% agarose bead with the rSPA ligand, is the major component in Opus pre-packed CaptivA PriMAB protein A columns. rSPA can be detected by our Protein A ELISA kit for detection of natural and recombinant Protein A.

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