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Protein A Beads

Protein A Agarose Resins

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
IA021-10 NMab Protein A Resin 10 ml 344.00
IA021-30 NMab Protein A Resin 30 ml 688.00
IA021-100 NMab Protein A Resin 100 ml 1376.00
IA021-1000 NMab Protein A Resin 1 l 9758.00

The alkaline-stable protein A resin carries the engineered recombinant protein A ligand immobilized onto our proprietary agarose base matrices to provide cost-effective solutions for 1) fast-processing of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, and Fc fusion constructs with high quality from biological fluids and cell culture media; and 2) immunoprecitation of proteins and protein complexes.

IA021: NMab Protein A Resin

The NMab protein A resin offers end users cost competitive and high perfomance Protein A affinity resins. The NMab protein A resin is an agarose based Protein A resin developed using engineered alkaline-stable recombinant protein A ligand and proprietary technologies of agarose crosslinking, surface extension, and ligand coupling. The NMab protein A resin provides the combination of excellent binding capacity, low non-specific binding that leads to low impurity levels in the elution pool, good pressure-flow properties, and superior alkaline-tolerance for stability in the alkaline conditions used in Cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sanitization protocols. Table 1 lists the basic characteristics of this protein A resin:

Characteristics: Specification
Separation Function: Protein A affinity
Matrix: Cross-linked agarose
Ligand: Alkaline-stabilized recombinant protein A
Coupling Chemistry: Epoxy
Particle Size(μm): average 90 μm (range 70-120 μm)
Dynamic Binding Capacity: ≥ 55 mg/mL (human IgG, 4 minute residence time)
Protein A Leachate: < 20 ng/ml
Maximum Pressure: 0.3 MPa
Clean in Place: 0.1-0.5 M NaOH
Recommended Flow Velocity: 100-500 cm/hour
pH Stability: 2-12
Chemical Stability: Stable in commonly used buffers, 0.1 M HAc, 0.1 M HCl, 100% ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, etc. Avoid long-term exposure to strong acids or strong bases.
Operational Temperature: 2-40 ℃
Storage: 20% Ethanol or benzyl alcohol, 2-8 ℃

The engineered protein A in NMab protein A resin is manufactured with animal free raw materials.

NMab protein A resin provides reliable all around performance, low protein A leakage, high binding capacity and a useful effective working range requiring a residence time of at least 3 minutes (equivalent to a typical running speed of 300 cm/hr). It is available in bottled (20% ethanol at 60% slurry concentration) or pre-packed column packaging.

For comparison, please see:

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NMAB protein A resin, which combines the agarose bead and the engineered protein A ligand using proprietary technologies of agarose crosslinking, surface extension, and ligand coupling, is the major component in pre-packed protein A columns.

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