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AAV2 Titration ELISA Kit

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EK0403 AAV2 Titration ELISA Kit 1 Kit 500.00
EK0403 AAV2 Titration ELISA Kit 5 Kits 2250.00

EK0403: AAV2 Titration ELISA Kit

Application: for the quantitative determination of full and empty AAV2 capsids, including intact AAV2 Wild Type virions, AAV2 recombinant virions, assembled AAV2 virions, intact empty AAV2 capsids.
This assay is specific for AAV2 capsids.

Detection range: 1.0^7 capsids/mL - 6.5^8 capsids/mL
Sensitivity: 1.0^7 capsids/mL
Precision: CV < 10%

Kit components for the 96-well plate ELISA kit for full and empty AAV2 capsids (1x 96-well microplate):
1) Pre-coated Microplate: 96 well polystyrene microplates coated with monoclonal antibody specific for AAV2 capsids; 1x 96-well microplate
2) Detection Antibody: Biotinylated anti-AAV2 antibody which binds to AAV2 in standard and test samples;  1 vial (30 ul)
3) HRP Conjugate: Streptavidin Peroxidase conjugate that binds to detection antibody and catalyzes color development; 1 bottle (15 ml)
4) AAV2 Capsid Standard: Lyophilized AAV2 powder ; 2 vials (6.5E+08 capsids/vial)
5) 10X Assay Buffer: for diluting standards or samples. Dilute to 1X before use; 1 bottle (10 ml)
6) 20X Wash Buffer: containing PBS and Tween-20. Dilute to 1X before use; 2 bottles (15 ml each)
7) Color Reagent: tetramethylbenzidine (TMB); 1 bottle (15 ml)
8) Stop Solution: 0.5 N hydrochloric acid solution; 1 bottle (10 ml)
9) Product Insert: product description, assay protocol, material data sheet; 1 book.


Empty AAV2 capsids lacking the transgene of interest cause unwanted immune response without providing the therapeutic benefit of the transgene. Alongside DNA and infectious titer, determination of the capsid titer is crucial for validating the efficacy and safety of your AAV gene therapy. Our titration kit detects full and empty AAV2 capsids.

The AAV2 titration ELISA kit uses sandwich ELISA to determine the titer of AAV2 capsids in the test sample. The capture AAV2 monoclonal antibody is pre-coated and treated on a 96-well reaction plate. AAV2 standard or sample is added to the pre-coated plate and specifically binds to the capture antibody. The biotinylated detection AAV2 antibody is then added to the plate to bind the immune complex. Next, the streptavidin HRP conjugate is added to react with the biotin molecules. The addition of TMB results in color changes and the amplitude of the color change is proportional to the amount of AAV2 capsids that specifically bind to the plate. The reaction is stopped with the addition of stop solution and the absorbance is measured at 450nm. The sample AAV2 capsid titer is calculated from the AAV2 standards titration curve. 

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