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Chemicals and solutions for enzymatic assays.
    2 Enzymatic Assays Products
  • MB111: Proteinase K

    Proteinase K is commonly used for protein digestion, DNA extraction, RNA purification, direct PCR, and genotyping. The recombinant enzyme is a mutant to the native protease, which gains higher specific activity and yield as well as wider pH and temperature range . The large scale recombinant preparation has advantage in lot-to-lot consistency, superior purity and cost-efficiency. DNA-free nature of recombinant Proteinase K made it well-suited in isolating PCR and RT-PCR templates.
    High purity: Each lot of the proteinase K enzyme was tested to ensure the absence of Nucleases and DNA.
    The cheapest Proteinase K in the market.

  • MB000102-R70170 (D-Luciferin, Potassium Salt, > 99%)

    High purity: > 99% (chemical and optical purity)
    High water solubility and low animal toxicity.
    The cheapest D-Luciferin, potassium salt in the market.

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