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  • C012: Vectibix Biosimilar Stable Cell Line (CHO)

    The yield of Vectibix biosimilar from the CHO stable cell line was above 2.0 g/L in a 3 liter manufacturing.

  • C012P: Panitumumab Biosimilar, Human EGFR/ErbB-1/HER1 Monoclonal Antibody

    Recombinant Humanized IgG2 Monoclonal Antibody.
    Specificity/Sensitivity: The monoclonal antibody panitumumab biosimilar specifically binds to the human EGFR, ErbB-1 and HER1.
    Applications: ELISA, neutralization, functional assays such as bioanalytical PK and ADA assays, and those assays for studying biological pathways affected by panitumumab.

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