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Services for synthesis, detection, identification, separation, purification, production, quantification, and modification of oligonucleotides, RNA, DNA, peptides, and proteins, such as peptide synthesis, gene synthesis, DNA cloning and subcloning, protein expression, custom antibody development, cell line generation, cell and tissue culture, and cell-based assays.
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  • Our areas of expertise in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) include:

    * Background literature research
    * Sourcing of optimal antibodies
    * Antibody optimization
    * Protocol development
    * Routine IHC staining (manual and automated)
    * Slide analysis, including digital microscopy imaging, digital whole slide scanning, staining quantification, pathological scoring/analysis, and report generation.
  • Pepsin for F(ab')2 fragment production and papain for Fab fragment production.
  • More than 200 samples of a single tumor and more than 500 samples of multiple tumors will be analyzed.

  • Determine the concentration of your target antigens in a large variety of tumor tissues and other diseases. More than 500 samples will be measured.

  • Matched Mab-Mab, Mab-Pab, and Pab-Pab antibody pairs

  • Fast return: 8 days for standard site-directed mutagenesis;
    Point mutations, deletions, or insertions of several amino acids can be performed in a single mutagenesis reaction. The same price is charged for incorporating several mutations, as long as the changes are localized and can be introduced in a single reaction. The same price is charged no matter the size of gene is.

  • Random mutagenesis based on PCR and other methods.

  • Fast return: 4 days for ligation subcloning and additional 4 days if PCR is required;
    The insert and vector sizes do not matter;
    Various DNA templates;
    Vectors which you want to subclone DNA fragments into.

  • Orchestrating different elements essential for optimal mammalian gene expression.
    Fast return: 2-3 weeks.

    Having made thousands of mammalian expression constructs and tested them in cell culture and in vivo, we are highly experienced in designing expression constructs for superb expression.

  • Our FcRγ binding assay and FcRn binding assay services include: his-tagged receptors are immobilized onto anti-His biosensors; the loaded biosensors are dipped into a dilution series of the antibody; the on- (Kon) and off-rates (Koff) are measured and the KD value is calculated.

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