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Services for antigen preparation, custom antibody production, antibody purification, antibody modification, characterization/testing antibodies, packaging antibodies, and various antibody applications.
    31 Antibody Services
  • Evaluation of monoclonal antibody specificity with related antigens
  • The most comprehensive rabbit monoclonal antibody production services: custom production of monoclonal antibodies against non-modified, phospho-specific, methylation-specific, and acetylation-specific peptides and proteins; monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, Western blot, IP, IF, ICC, and IHC applications. Syd Labs team has successfully developed a large number of high specificity and high affinity rabbit monoclonal antibodies against a wide range of difficult targets such as small molecules, antibody idiotype, and antigens non-immunogenic in murine, camel or Ilama.

    Choice for licensing antibodies to save your cost and even make money.

    Fast turnaround: 24 weeks once the antigen is available.

  • Syd Labs has successfully developed human and monkey monoclonal antibodies using antigen specific single B cell-based antibody generation technologies. After detection and isolation of antigen specific memory B cells by flow cytometry-based single B cell sorting, the antibody variable regions (VH and VL) from single or clonal B cells are cloned and sequenced. Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies are produced, purified, and tested for various applications, such as drug development and diagnostics.

    Fast turnaround: 8-10 weeks once the polyclonal sera, PBMC, and antigen is available.

  • We will link two approved anti-tumor antibiotics to your purified monoclonal antibody using our proprietary conjugation method. The anti-tumor agent will remain bound to the monoclonal antibody and inactive but will be released and activated by reduction once the immunocomplex binds to the cell surface antigen and internalized.
  • Custom camel, Ilama or alpaca monoclonal antibody development by camel, Ilama or alpaca immunization and phage display screening.

    Production of camel, Ilama or alpaca VHH in E.coli.

    Fast turnaround: 4-6 months once the antigen is available.

  • HRP, biotin, or FITC conjugated antibody;
    ELISA report of HRP, biotin, or FITC labeled antibody;
    1 week
  • Our areas of expertise in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) include:

    * Background literature research
    * Sourcing of optimal antibodies
    * Antibody optimization
    * Protocol development
    * Routine IHC staining (manual and automated)
    * Slide analysis, including digital microscopy imaging, digital whole slide scanning, staining quantification, pathological scoring/analysis, and report generation.
  • Pepsin for F(ab')2 fragment production and papain for Fab fragment production.
  • More than 200 samples of a single tumor and more than 500 samples of multiple tumors will be analyzed.

  • Determine the concentration of your target antigens in a large variety of tumor tissues and other diseases. More than 500 samples will be measured.

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