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ScFv Phage Library Construction Service

Single-chain Variable Fragment Phage Library Construction

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Our scFv phage library construction services include:

Construction of scFv phage library using B cells from immunized or naive donors: Syd Labs designs appropriate primers to PCR amplify VH and VL fragments (antibody variable regions of the heavy and light chains) of immunized or naive donors from several species, links them with a short linker peptide of 10-25 amino acids to generate scFv, and subsequently subclone the scFv library into our engineered phagemid vector.

Optimization of scFv phage library: Syd Labs uses various mutagenesis strategies to generate a library of your specific scFv mutants for affinity maturation or other optimization purposes.

(If you want to know more information about how to construct and optimize scFv phage libraries, please see scFv phage library construction protocols that we collect from public literature. Our own scFv phage library construction protocol is more optimized.)

You provide:

* B cells from donor of choice (>106);
* Sequence of antibody for optimization (Please visit hybridoma antibody cloning and sequencing services if you have hybridoma cells only).

Deliverables of scFv phage library construction services:

A. Quality controlled scFv phage library (Our scFv phage library is generated with a goal of up to 1010 clones and quality controlled by sequencing 96 clones at random.);
B. Study report.

Syd Labs also provides ScFv Phage Library Screening Service.

Applications of scFv phage library consruction and screening:

Antibody optimization service

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