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Antibody Optimization Service

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service

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Antibody optimization service (antibody affinity maturation service) combines molecular evolution and high-throughput scFv (single-chain variable fragment) phage library construction and screening to improve antibody potency and to save cost of antibody production.

Features of our antibody optimization service:

Fast turnaround: 3-6 months with our proprietary optimization algorithm.

Antibody affinity can be improved by about 10 folds after each round of antibody affinity maturation.

General procedure of antibody optimization:

1. Conjugate target antigens to magnetic beads and a flourophore, if they are not provided by clients;
2. Establish the base line antigen binding surface displayed antibody;
3. Design and construct focused libraries and screen for higher binding affinity;
4. Library screening based on antigen binding;
5. Isolate top 10 antibody clones, and measure binding affinity in comparison to starting antibody;
6. Recover DNA sequences of confirmed clones;
7. Reconstruct, transient express, and purify 100 ug protein;
8. Measure kinetic binding affinity of affinity-matured antibodies using Biacore or Octet in comparison to starting antibody.


For each round (about 3 months) of antibody affinity maturation:

1. Design scFv phage library and library construction: 2-3 weeks;
2. Multi-step scFv phage library screening: about 2 months;
3. Construction and expression of recombinant scFv-Fc antibodies, and affinity measurement: about 1.5 months.

There is overlapping between No. 2 and No. 3 steps.

You provide:

* Sequence of VH and VL (Please visit hybridoma antibody cloning and sequencing services if you have hybridoma cells only);
* DNA template (if DNA synthesis is not desired);
* Target antigen.

Deliverables of antibody optimization service:

A. Top 3 scFv clones based on antigen binding affinity;
B. 100 ug purified scFv-Fc antibody for each of the top 3 clones;
C. Study report.

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