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TGF alpha ELISA Kit

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
EK000135-EK0511-1 Human TGFA ELISA Kit 1 plate, 96T/plate 456.00
EK000135-EK0511-4 Human TGFA ELISA Kit 4 plates, 96T/plate 1550.00

EK000135-EK0511: Human TGFα ELISA Kit

Range 15.6pg/ml-1000pg/ml
Sensitivity < 1pg/ml
Specificity: Cross-reactivates with TGFβ2, TGFβ3, TGFβ5 <1%.
Application: For quantitative detection of human TGFα in sera, plasma, body fluids, tissue lysates or cell culture supernates.
Expiration: Four months at 4°C and eight months at -20°C.


Transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-α) is upregulated in some human cancers. It is produced in macrophages, brain cells, and keratinocytes, and induces epithelial development. It is closely related to EGF, and can also bind to the EGF receptor with similar effects . TGFα stimulates neural cell proliferation in the adult injured brain.1 Transforming growth factor alpha gene (TGFA) maps to human chromosome 2 close to the breakpoint of the t(2;8) variant translocation in Burkitt lymphoma.2 Synthetic TGF-alpha was as active as murine epidermal growth factor in binding to the epidermal growth factor receptor and in stimulation of anchorage-dependent and of anchorage-independent growth of normal indicator cells in culture. Synthetic TGF-alpha stimulated plasminogen activator production in A 431 and HeLa cells; the stimulation was similar to that induced by epidermal growth factor. Furthermore, synthetic human TGF-alpha showed similar immunoreactivity when compared with rat TGF-alpha. Thus, the 50-amino acid TGF-alpha is likely to be the bioactive principle produced and secreted by tumor cell lines.3


TGFα ELISA Kit was based on standard sandwich enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay technology. Human TGF? specific-specific polyclonal antibodies were precoated onto 96-well plates. The human specific detection polyclonal antibodies were biotinylated. The test samples and biotinylated detection antibodies were added to the wells subsequently and then followed by washing with PBS or TBS buffer. Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex was added and unbound conjugates were washed away with PBS or TBS buffer. HRP substrate TMB was used to visualize HRP enzymatic reaction. TMB was catalyzed by HRP to produce a blue color product that changed into yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow is proportional to the human TGFα amount of sample captured in plate.


1?In vivo induction of massive proliferation, directed migration, and differentiation of neural cells in the adult mammalian brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2000 Dec 19; 97(26): 14686-91;
2?Brissenden, J. E., Derynck, R., Francke, U. Transforming growth factor alpha gene (TGFA) maps to human chromosome 2 close to the breakpoint of the t(2;8) variant translocation in Burkitt lymphoma. Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 40: 589-only, 1985.
3?Tam, J. P., Scheikh, M. A., Solomon, D. S., Ossowski, L. Efficient synthesis of human type alpha transforming growth factor: its physical and biological characterization. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 83: 8082-8086, 1986.

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