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ReFacto Biosimilar Stable Cell Line

Moroctocog alfa, Recombinant Antihemophilic Factor VIII

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C017 ReFacto Biosimilar Stable Cell Line 1 package Request

Different from Advate, the full-length (complete sequence) recombinant Factor VIII, ReFacto is a recombinant B-domain-deleted, monoclonal antibody-purified, solvent-detergent-treated factor VIII (BDDrFVIII) with no albumin added to the final formulation. Similar to Advate, ReFacto is used to control and prevent hemorrhagic bleeding and prophylaxis associated with surgery or to reduce the number of spontaneous bleeding episodes in patients with hemophilia A.

Haemophilia A, about 80% of haemophilia cases and present in about 1 in 5,000–10,000 male births, is a recessive X-linked genetic disorder and caused by deficiency in the functional clotting Factor VIII. Without the functional clotting Factor VIII, bodies of patients with Haemophilia A lose the control of normal blood clotting or coagulation, critical to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken.

C017: ReFacto Biosimilar Stable Cell Line (CHO)

The yield of ReFacto biosimilar from the CHO stable cell line was above 60 IU/mL in a 50 liter manufacturing.

The ReFacto biosimilar stable cell line alone can be transfered alone or together with the technology of process development and/or antibody purification.

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