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Plasmid Miniprep Kits (EndoFree, Spin-column)

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
MB076-PL50 EndoFree Plasmid Mini Kit (Spin-column) 50 Preps 75.00
MB076-PL200 EndoFree Plasmid Mini Kit (Spin-column) 200 Preps 240.00
MB076-PL100 EndoFree Plasmid Mini Kit (Spin-column) 100 Preps 140.00

MB076-PL: EndoFree Plasmid Miniprep Kit (Spin-column)

The EndoFree Plasmid Miniprep Kit (Spin-column) applies the improved SDS method to rapidly lyses cell, the endotoxin in crude extracting will be selectively combined by specific agent and removed by centrifugation. Then DNA selectively absorbs on silica membrane in high salt solution. Take a serial of elution-centrifugation steps to remove cellular metabolites and proteins etc. Finally use low salt elution to elute purified genome DNA from silica membrane.

* No poisonous phenol etc. Multi-elution can ensure high-quality DNA, which are suitable for all kinds of molecular experiments such as PCR, Southern-blot and enzyme digestion directly.
* Unique content can effectively remove the nuclease, even apply to rich-nuclease strains of JM and HB101,
* The specific agent is prepared for removing endotoxin, which ensures the level of endotoxin <0.1 EU/ug.

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