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Orencia Biosimilar Stable Cell Line

Abatacept, CTLA-4 Fc Fusion Protein
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Abatacept (trade name Orencia, Bristol-Myers-Squibb), a fusion protein of a Fc fragment (human IgG1 isotype) and the extracellular domain of CTLA-4, can be used to extend graft survival while limiting the toxicity generated by standard immune suppressing regimens, such as calcineurin inhibitors. Abatacept binds to CD80 (B7-1) with more avidity than to CD86 (B7-2). Abatacept inhibits the costimulation of T cells. Abatacept differs from belatacept (trade name Nulojix) by only 2 amino acids.

The CTLA-4 protein is important for T-cell costimulation and selectively blocks the process of T-cell activation.

C007: Orencia Biosimilar Stable Cell Line (CHO)

The yield of Orencia biosimilar from the CHO stable cell line was above 2.1 g/L in a 15 liter manufacturing.

The Orencia biosimilar stable cell line alone can be transferred alone or together with the technology of process development and/or antibody purification.

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