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Camelid Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

Custom Llama Antibody Development, Custom Alpaca Antibody Generation
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BS078 ELISA Guaranteed Camel Monoclonal Antibody Development Service 1 package Request

Procedure of camel, Ilama and alpaca single chain (VHH) antibody development:
Phase I: Immunization and boosts of 1 camel, Ilama or alpaca, and ELISA screening of camel, Ilama or alpaca polyclonal sera.
Phase II: RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, PCR amplification, and construction of a phage display library of VHH, a single variable domain (VH) of a heavy chain antibody.
Phase III: Screening antigen-specific VHH by phage display. 4-6 potential clones will be identified and evaluated.
Phase IV: Molecular construction and production of 4-6 ELISA-positive His-tagged VHH protein in E.coli.

You provide: Ten mg of peptide (purity > 85%, length > 12 amino acids) or 5 mg of soluble protein (concentration > 0.5 mg/ml, purity > 90%, molecular weight > 20 kDa) for immunization, and additional 5 mg for antigen affinity purification.

* DNA sequences of 4-6 antigen-specific VHH;
* Purified His-tagged VHH;
* Remaining antigens;
* ELISA results.

3-4 months.

Clients have the choice for licensing antibodies to save cost and even make money.

The prices will be adjusted for the following requirements:

a. Peptide (12-15 amino acids, >85%) design and synthesis +$250 for standard, +$450 for mono-phosphorylated, +$650 for di-phosphorylated, +$700 for mono-methylated (K or R site), +$650 for di-methylated (K or R site), +$700 for tri-methylated (K site), +$400 for acetylated;
b. Synthesis of other antigens, +$variable;
c. Conjugation of antigens to protein carriers +$250;
d. Protein: DNA subcloning +$350, bacterial expression and purification +$2,500;
e. Additional boost immunization for higher ELISA titer of the antisera +$300/injection.

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