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Camelid Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

Custom Llama Antibody Development, Custom Alpaca Antibody Generation, Nanobody Production, sdAb / VHH Antibody Production

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS078A ELISA Guaranteed Alpaca VHH Antibody Development Service 1 package Request
BS078B ELISA Guaranteed Llama VHH Antibody Development Service 1 package Request

Syd Labs team has worked on camelid (camel, llama, and alpaca) antibody development projects since 2013. VHH (nanobody, single domain antibody or sdAb) has been successfully used in diagnostics especially imaging, therapeutics (therapeutical antibodies, bispecific antibodies, CAR T, and ADC), manufacturing and research reagents. 

Procedure of camel, Ilama and alpaca single chain (VHH, nanobody or sdAb) antibody production

Phase I: Immunization and boosts of 1 camel, Ilama or alpaca, and ELISA screening of camel, Ilama or alpaca polyclonal sera.
Phase II: RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, PCR amplification, and construction of a phage display library of VHH, a single variable domain (VH) of a heavy chain antibody.
Phase III: Screening antigen-specific VHH by phage display. 4-6 potential clones will be identified and evaluated.
Phase IV: Molecular construction and production of 4-6 ELISA-positive His-tagged VHH protein in E.coli.

You provide: Five mg of soluble protein (concentration > 0.5 mg/ml, purity > 90%, molecular weight > 20 kDa) for immunization, VHH library screening, and binding confirmation.

* DNA sequences of 4-6 antigen-specific VHH;
* Purified His-tagged VHH;
* Remaining antigens;
* ELISA results.

3-4 months.

Syd Labs also provides the services of camelid nanobody engineering, including VHH antibody humanization service. Please note that there is no change in the nanobody CDRs (Complementarity-Determining Regions) in humanized nanobodies. 

The prices will be adjusted for the following requirements:

a. Protein: DNA subcloning +$400, bacterial expression and purification +$2,500;
b. Additional boost immunization for higher ELISA titer of the antisera +$300/injection.

SARS-CoV-2 spike S1 and nucleocapsid custom nanobody development services: Syd Labs immunized alpaca with SARS-CoV-2 S protein S1 subunit and nucleocapsid proteins, then used two strategies to screen alpaca nanobodies: single B cell sorting and culturing (single B cell-based nanobody generation method), and VHH nanobody phage display libraries (phage display-based nanobody development method). If a client is interested in VHH antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (S protein) or nucleocapsid protein, we can send you some supernatant for nanobody screening. Then you tell us which single B cell clone or VHH antibody you like. We sequence the VHH fragment and produce a recombinant VHH-Fc for your confirmation. You can pay for the VHH antibody or the clone.The spike nanobodies and nucleocapsid nanobodies may be good candidates for therapeutic drugs alone or by combination with other proteins or antibodies.

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