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Site-directed Mutagenesis Services

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS018A Standard Site-directed Mutagenesis Service 1 package 500.00
BS018B Customized Site-directed Mutagenesis Service 1 package Request

BS018A: standard site-directed mutagenesis service.

You provide:

a. The plasmid containing the gene to be mutated;
b. The sequence to be changed;
c. Host Escherichia coli strains if we can not provide.


a. The plasmid with the desired sequences;
b. Escherichia coli strains containing the plasmids with the desired sequences;
c. A report about the mutagenesis process.

Fast return: 8 days for standard site-directed mutagenesis.

Other methods of site-directed mutagenesis may be used if customers prefer. The prices depend on methods used. Point mutations, deletions, or insertions of several amino acids can be performed in a single mutagenesis reaction. The same price is charged for incorporating several mutations, as long as the changes are localized and can be introduced in a single reaction. The same price is charged no matter the size of gene is.

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