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MLN1117, INK1117, TAK-117
Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
APIM050240 SERABELISIB (MLN1117, INK1117, TAK-117) 10 mg 100.00
APIM050240 SERABELISIB (MLN1117, INK1117, TAK-117) 50mg 250.00
APIM050240 SERABELISIB (MLN1117, INK1117, TAK-117) 100 mg 400.00
APIM050240 SERABELISIB (MLN1117, INK1117, TAK-117) 200 mg 700.00

Background Information:

Serabelisib (MLN1117, TAK-117, INK1117) is an orally bioavailable, PI3K p110α- isoform specific inhibitor with an in vitro IC50 of 15 nM, highly selective against other isoforms (p110β, p110γ and p110δ) and mTOR (no significant inhibitions at 1 μM concentration). It displayed significant efficacy in several PI3Kα mutant-specific preclinical mouse xenograft tumor models, and blocked signaling to Akt and inhibited growth of cancer cells harboring wild-type or mutated p110α. It is currently under clinical evaluation.

APIM050240: SERABELISIB (MLN1117, INK1117, TAK-117)

CAS No.: 1268454-23-4.
Molecular Formula: C19H17N5O3.
Molecular Weight: 363.4 (refer to Certificate of Analysis, batch-specific).
Purity: 99.5% by HPLC.
QC: HPLC-MS. 1H-NMR, and Elemental Analysis Report.
Solubility: Refer to Certificate of Analysis.
Storage: Refer to Certificate of Analysis.

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