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Plasmid Miniprep Kits (High-purity, Spin-column)

Plasmid Mini Kit, Plasmid Extraction Kit, Plasmid Purification Kit
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MB082-PL300 Plasmid Miniprep Kit 300 Preps 300.00

MB082-PL: Plasmid Miniprep Kit (Spin-column)

The spin column-based high-purity plasmid DNA miniprep kit is designed for rapid purification of high-quality plasmid DNA ready for routine molecular biology applications such as sequencing and cloning. The kit is based on a modified alkaline-SDS lysis procedure, followed by binding of plasmid DNA to the spin column filled with silica-membrane under appropriate high-salt and low pH conditions. Proteins and low molecular weight impurities are removed by washing buffers. Then plasmid DNA is eluted from the spin column in a low salt and high pH buffer.

Features of the high-purity plasmid miniprep kit (spin-column):

Up to 20 ug yield of plasmid DNA.
Rapid and convenient.
No poisonous phenol nor ethanol precipitation.
Multi-elution can ensure high-purified DNA, which can be applied to all kinds of molecular experiments such as sequencing, cloning, PCR, Southern-blot, and enzymatic digestion directly.

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