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PCR Product Cleanup Kits

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
MB045-PL200 PCR Product Cleanup Kit 200 Preps 160.00
MB045-PL100 PCR Product Cleanup Kit 100 Preps 95.00

MB045-PL: PCR Product Cleanup Kit

Application: rapid purification of PCR products.

Rapid and convenient. No ethanol precipitation. No ethanol precipitation. Highly purified DNA eluted from the spin column can be directly used for various molecular experiments, such as DNA sequencing, PCR, Southern-blot, and enzymatic digestion.

The spin column for PCR product cleanup (MB045-PC) is the major component of the PCR product cleanup kit (MB045-PL). The spin column can also be used for agarose gel extraction and plasmid miniprep.

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