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Bead Conjugation Services

Microbead Conjugation Services, Nanoparticle Conjugation Services, Microspheres Conjugation Services

Catalog No. Product Name Size List Price (US$) Quantity
BS054A Magnetic Bead Conjugation to 100 ug Protein or Antibody 1 package 450.00
BS054B Magnetic Bead Conjugation to 1 mg Protein or Antibody 1 package 1200.00

Syd Labs provides rapid and reliable peptide, protein and antibody bead conjugation services (microbead conjugation services, nanoparticle conjugation services, microspheres conjugation services):  labeling peptides, proteins or antibodies with all commercially available beads (microbeads, microspheres, nanoparticles) for various applications such as FACS, immunoaffinity purification, and immunoprecipitation (IP). Immunoaffinity purification utilizes the highly specific binding properties of antibodies or Fc-fusion proteins to easily isolate ligands or receptors from crude mixtures with high purity. Antibodies or Fc-fusion proteins are conjugated to Protein A/G resins and immobilized using chemical crosslinkers to generate custom and stable immunoaffinity resins for a variety of applications such as pulldown assays, co-purifications, immunopurifications, and custom diagnostic platforms.

BS054: Magnetic Bead Conjugation Service

Highly efficient process is used to conjugate magnetic beads to clients' peptides, proteins, and antibodies. The highest possible magnetic bead conjugation yield and stability is ensured. For example, the ratio is 20 ug protein or antibody per mg magnetic microbeads in the conjugation reaction; about 6 ug protein or antibody would be conjugated onto the beads at a concentration of 6 ug antibody per mg magnetic beads.

100 ug protein will be conjugated to 5 mg of magnetic beads, and the final product is 0.5 ml (10 mg/ml) of magnetic beads with approximately 30 ug protein conjugated.

1 mg protein will be conjugated to 50 mg of magnetic beads, and the final product is 5 ml (10 mg/ml) of magnetic beads with approximately 300 ug protein conjugated.

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