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Complete Protein A Product Line

Protein A has been extensively used for IgG isolation from several species of mammals. It is especially important for commercial production of monoclonal antibodies. To satisfy various applications, from small to large scales, of academic and industrial research, development, and production, Syd Labs supplies complete protein A product line, including Protein A, Protein A beads, Protein A pre-packed run ready columns, and Protein A ELISA kits. Syd Labs supplies Protein A from milligram to multi-kilogram quantities.

Our Protein A products have been used by biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies for their industrial leading high quality, easy-to-use procedure, quick run time, sensitivity and accurate results. Biotechnology companies use Protein A as a critical raw material in manufacturing their own proprietary Protein A beads and Protein A pre-packed run ready columns. Biopharmaceutical companies use Protein A pre-packed run ready columns in manufacturing monoclonal antibodies for clinical diagnostics and therapy. Protein A ELISA kits are used in process development, process monitoring, and in final product testing to quantify natural and recombinant Protein A, and the MabSelect SuRe™ ligand contamination in samples eluted off of a Protein A chromatography column.