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The Cheapest D-Luciferin Potassium Salt

Syd Labs supplies the cheapest high quality D-luciferin potassium salt.

D-luciferin and natural and modified firefly luciferases have been widely used in in vitro and in vivo reporter assays detecting gene expression and analyzing the cellular ATP level in cell viability assays and kinase activity assays. The price of the small molecular chemical D-luciferin is the major concern for researchers planing luciferase-related experiments. To help you save money, Syd Labs has always done its best to reduce the price of D-luciferins, including D-luciferin free acid, D-luciferin potassium salt, and D-luciferin sodium salt.

Now you can get the cheapest luciferin in the market: $179/g and $1599/10g D-luciferin potassium salt. Welcome to tell us who paid less for D-luciferin.

Start Time: May 1, 2016

End Time: July 31, 2016