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Services for construction of lentivirus vectors, lentivirus generation, lentivirus packaging, lentivirus amplification, lentivirus production, lentivirus purification, lentivirus titering, and various lentiviral applications.
    2 Lentiviral Services
  • Our complete custom lentivirus production services include: 1) lentivirus vector construction for expression or silencing of a gene; 2) lentivirus packaging; 3) lentivirus amplification; 4) lentivirus purification; 5) lentivirus titering.

    Our lentivirus production team has constructed, packaged, amplified, and purified thousands of lentiviruses from small crude scale to large purified scale for worldwide clients in more than a decade. An improved technology is used to simplify and accelerate lentiviral vector construction for researchers studying gene expression or gene silencing in mammalian systems.

    Fast turnaround: 2-3 weeks.

  • Syd Labs determines the titer of lentiviruses and retroviruses (provided by customer or produced by Syd Labs) using HT1080 cells.

    Fast return: 2 weeks.

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