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Special Discount for Taq DNA Polymerase

To thank our customers’ support, Syd Labs gives 20% discount for Taq DNA polymerase to reach $0.048/unit, the cheapest Taq polymerase enzyme in the market. Welcome to tell us who paid less for Taq DNA polymerases.

The Taq DNA Polymerase is used in routine PCR for DNA and colony screening, genotyping, DNA mutagenesis, generating hybridization probes for Southern or Northern hybridization, and so on. The cost of a PCR reaction is mainly determined by the price of the Taq polymerase enzyme. To help you save money, Syd Labs has always done its best to reduce the prices of various products, including Taq DNA polymerases.

To help you know more and better about our Taq DNA polymerases, Syd Labs is sending out free Taq DNA polymerase sample. Welcome to contact us and leave your shipping address to obtain free Taq polymerase enzyme samples. No registration of membership is required.

  • Start Time: May 1, 2016
  • End Time: July 31, 2016


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